CBD Heat Balm 500mg 50ml


CBD Heat Balm is well-known for its ability to relieve stress and revitalise the skin. This high-quality CBD-infused product is designed to boost the effectiveness of traditional tiger balms while also giving rapid relief and a nice warming sensation.

Herb40 CBD Heat Balm is made with 500mg of genuine, lab-tested CBD. This unique CBD heat Balm, which comes in a secure screw-top container, has a long shelf life.

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Linalool and limonene, two popular terpenes found in hemp, are included in our mix. This special combination, which includes a variety of natural components, helps to relax, revitalise, cleanse, and tone the skin.

This topical balm can be used as often as you choose during the day. This balm should ideally be used at least once a day to keep your tissues hydrated with natural deliciousness.

The beeswax basis of our one-of-a-kind CBD Heat Balm creates the ideal topical consistency. Beeswax is a powerful anti-inflammatory that protects our skin’s outer layer and our cells.

Without a typical menthol infusion, this blend would not be a real Heat Balm. This topical’s menthol gives an immediate calming effect as well as a relaxing scent. Menthol helps to relieve physical stress when applied to the skin.

In addition, this balm contains a high-quality camphor extract. Camphor promotes the production of collagen and elastin, which have anti-aging properties.

This high-quality CBD heat balm also contains clove bud oil and eugenol extract. Eugenol, a component in clove oil, boosts the oil’s anti-aging and skin-beneficial properties. Clove bud oil is also an effective antimicrobial, making it suitable for both dry and oily skin.

Herb40 CBD Heat Balm stands apart from the crowd. Improve your skin’s performance with high-potency CBD infused with all of the above-mentioned substances. You’ll notice a new shine and calming relief in no time if you use this product on a daily basis.


Glide the tips of your fingers over the balm. The body heat from your fingers will allow the balm to adhere to the fingertips. Cover the chosen area with a thin layer of this product and rub gently into the skin.


Herb40 CBD Heat Balm contains 500mg of active CBD.

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