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CBD Oil Is Joe Rogan Favourite

By 18/04/2022March 4th, 2023CBD Oil UK

Joe Rogan “CBD is One of the Best Anxiety Treatments I’ve Ever Tried”

In this video transcript, Joe Rogan, a guest on the podcast, talks about his experience using CBD oil for anxiety. He finds it to be one of the best things he has ever tried for anxiety, and it has helped him save on vacations.

He also talks about the differences between the CBD and THC high and warns against taking a mixture of CBD and THC if you have something important to do.

He also discusses the benefits of topical CBD for muscle aches and stiffness. Joe Rogan warns against using ibuprofen, as it can cause inflammation, stress, strokes, and even liver failure in pets if ingested. He advises against taking ibuprofen every day and recommends that people get off it if they are using it regularly.


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