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5 Ways to Get Longer, More Intense Orgasms for Women

By 30/03/2022May 8th, 2022CBD Oil UK
5 Ways to Get Longer, More Intense Orgasms for Women

You’re not alone if your orgasms aren’t as strong as they should be (or if you don’t have any at all). While the majority of males report having satisfying orgasms during sex, the percentage of women who report having satisfying orgasms declines dramatically. There are a variety of causes for this (including differing arousal types and stress), but nothing that a little bedroom TLC can’t cure.

While women’s bodies may require a little more “planning” when it comes to climaxing, the extra time and effort you put into honouring your body will be rewarded with an intensity you didn’t know you had.

Women can enjoy longer, more intense orgasms in a variety of ways, thankfully. These five suggestions can help you go from okay to oh my! in the bedroom, whether you’re getting intimate alone or with a partner.

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1. Work your way up to the wow factor.

It’s possible that spontaneity is appealing. However, sprinting to the finish line is not. Rushed sex aimed just at achieving orgasm is unlikely to leave you trembling in your bedsheets.

Take it easy. When there is enough blood flow to the pelvis, increased muscular tension throughout the body, and the brain’s opiate system is turned on, a female orgasm occurs. You may expect a bigger—and better—grand finale if you let these shifts unfold naturally and give the body time to build up higher degrees of excitement.

2. Experiment with gadgets and lubricants.

You know how movies, TV shows, and pornographic films are riddled with explosive, mutually climactic scenes? No, that isn’t the case.

According to studies, 75% of women do not achieve orgasm by intercourse alone (and another 10 percent of women have never had an orgasm, period).

Your absence of O’s could be due to a variety of factors, but it usually boils down to anatomy. Because the clitoris does not receive as much stimulation as the vaginal opening, women with a larger distance between the clitoris and the vaginal entrance are less likely to experience orgasm during penetration.

The good news is that a screen-worthy orgasm does not necessitate the use of a penis. Manually stroking your clitoris with toys (or body parts) can make all the difference whether you’re playing alone or with a companion.

Lube is also beneficial since it improves sensitivity and pleasure all around.

There is no perfect toy or lube for everyone, from vibrators to dildos to clitoral suction cups—shop around in the name of healthy sexual exploration, and experiment to find what you like the most.

3. Get some exercise to improve your orgasms.

It’s no surprise that becoming in shape improves one’s sexual life. If you’re still not convinced, consider this: studies show that regular exercise improves sexual satisfaction, sexual stamina, and mood in women.

Exercising also helps you embrace a positive body image and bedroom confidence, making it simpler to release orgasm when the time comes.

While general fitness can help, there are a few exercises that can help you increase the volume of your orgasms specifically:

  • Squats
  • Bridge pose
  • Pelvic tilts/pulses
  • Kegels
  • Upward facing dog pose
  • Happy baby pose

4. Lean your head over the edge of the bed.

This is a simple task. Hang your head over the side of the bed while lying on your back. According to some scientists, this increases blood flow to the brain, heightening your experience of pleasure. It’s also a good way to avoid climaxing if you’re too “in your brain.” It’s that simple!

5. Keep track of your cycle and libido.

Do you have a sex aversion? It’s possible that you’re getting it during the wrong time of the month. When the time comes to reproduce, our hormones have been programmed to make us seek sexual excitement the most: ovulation.

As oxytocin rushes through your circulation during this time (about 2 weeks before your period is due), you will feel more attracted to and loving towards your partner. This could be enough to improve orgasms (including cervical orgasms, which are common around this time of the month).

This ovulatory hormone cocktail also helps you feel more calm, intimate, and eager to spend time snuggling, stroking, and building your arousal for the big event in a more roundabout way.

Perhaps the most important piece of advice is to have fun. Your body is naturally better poised to enjoy sex and have a mind-blowing, passionately vulnerable, and fully connected experience when your mind and body are calm.

Isn’t it easier said than done?

It doesn’t have to be that. With CBD Oil and other stress-relieving practices, you can combat the daily tension that sabotages your sex life. While you’re under the covers, let go of the urge to “get” an orgasm and simply live in the present. The impact of this thinking shift on your sex life may astound you!

Takeaway: To learn more about how CBD may be right for you and how other women have benefited, read our blog.


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